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Cretan conical decorated pot - Rito - on iron frame  


This terracotta conical is a work of art. Dating back to the Late Minoan period (1600 BC), it was used to store wine and the wine sediment would collect at the bottom. The potter’s skill would be judged on how precision perfect and smooth the cone shape would be. These pieces were always signed by the potter on the inside lip with a hand or finger print and following such a noble tradition, our potter proudly does the same. Smaller sizes were used as wine cups. Original pieces, found in Gournia, Crete, are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Supplied with its own stand, this version of the famous Greek amphora will add a touch of classical elegance to any contemporary setting. The metal stand is included in the price.

Size (HxD) cm
(excluding the frame)
Price inc VAT
90 x 65
Rito - sizes
65 x 45
45 x 30

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