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cretan pithari being fired by hand
About Cretan Ceramics
athina Cretan terracotta jug  

Cretans have been making ceramics for more than 12,000 years. Cretan Ceramics have always had functional as well as decorative uses – storage of foods, oil, wine; for decoration of houses – including the Minoan Palace at Knossos, where pithari identical in form to those made by our potters have been excavated.

Our Cretan potters are the best of the best, master potters of Thrapsano - the most famous pottery region in Crete. The potters of Thrapsano (Thrapsaniotes) are considered to be descendants of Minoan potters. Traditionally “Thrapsaniotis” is synonymous with the potter and in particular with the special type of pot “pitharas”. Our master Thrapsano potters produce some of the best ceramics in the world. Read more here

  Cretan amphora
Our Cretan Pots at The Chelsea Gardener
our pots at the chelsea gardener
cretan pots
Some of our Pots
tulipa - simple terracotta flower pot  
mikonos pot
  koronios pot - narrow beehive   tzarakis - wide beehive pot

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